Thank you for your interest in joining our team. 

Are you a individual that is hard working, dependable, and that has reliable transportation with cleaning experience? We would love for you to join our Power of Two team. 

We are a Cleaning Employment Agency that provides several cleaning services. We provide many opportunities to individuals and small businesses in the cleaning industry.  Currently servicing in all of Houston, Katy, and surrounding areas.  Please send us your resume, your work availability and the position you’re applying for. To be considered for employment with the Power Of Two team. We are currently looking for positions listed below.

Cleaning Technicians: (Residential / Commercial)                       $9.00 – $12.00 Hourly  

Cleaning technicians – is in charge of the cleaning and maintenance of a building, company, or property. Though similar to that of maids and janitors, the job consists mainly of deep cleaning tasks. As a cleaning technician, your primary duties include cleaning floors, whip down walls, disposing of garbage, performing routine maintenance, and inspecting the premises. Maintaining cleaning materials and equipment. Qualifications for this career includes some prior cleaning experience. Must be able to train and available to work schedule that is assigned. Being on time is and dependable is required. must be physically able to complete task and shift. Cleaning technicians often work after business hours. Some position may be available during the day. 

Commercial Kitchen Technicians: ( Commercial )                        $15.00 – $25.00 Hourly

Commercial Kitchen Technicians – are trained to clean commercial kitchen appliances. The job consists of a deep cleaning process, usage of chemicals that remove grease and carbon from appliance. Our CKT technicians are able to earn a higher wage because of the cleaning time is designed to complete within a 2-to-3-hour period. Primary duties include cleaning the appliances and floors. This is a detailed cleaning. You will be cleaning Commercial Kitchens and Food Trucks. Qualifications for this career includes some prior cleaning experience. 

Experience Car Detailers is motivated to apply. Must be trainable and available to work.  Physically able to complete the task and able to work in all weather conditions. CKT technicians often work alone after business hours. This is a day position during the day.  

Must be available to work (7:00am – 6:00pm)

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